Hi Guys!

It seems pretty foreign to actually be writing on our new and improved blog right now. It has been a long time coming! Isn’t she pretty a little thing?  It only makes sense that we make this a weekly thing and that is our plan. We truly want to share more with you.  We want you to know who we are, what we are working on and what crazy things we are getting into.  We also plan to offer a lot of opinions and thoughts (watch out). For two people who have a lot to say, it is hard to believe that we didn’t jump on this bandwagon sooner.

Down to business… the reason behind this blog post… OUR NEW WEBSITE!  If you haven’t already checked it out, head on over to read some more about us personally and what Cheeky has to offer!  It was designed by the lovely, talented and extremely patient Love Inspired. Thank you ladies so much!


As individuals and as a company, we have grown substantially over the last four years.  We are very proud of the path that Cheeky has paved and we work every day to keep building. When we first began this journey, we didn’t truly know what fired us up in the industry as far as our service offering.  However, we did know that we wanted to stand out, offer a unique experience to our couples and set forth our standard of beautiful.  It took us some time to figure out a brand that represented us best and yes, we did struggle with a few inner conflicts (ie: change in name, change in logo 3x, but who’s counting?).  However, we are very happy to be able to show the world what are made of via a website and blog that make our hearts happy; both that are  and will be filled with beautiful photos and stories of lovely Cheeky couples. 

You will also see our new service offering which includes:


-Full Service Planning + Design

-Floral Design (Yes, you read that right.  See below.)

-Day Of Management (led by our team of talented Cheeky ladies who you just have to meet!)


We started offering floral design about fifteen months and five days ago (BIG shoutout to our first floral baby bride, Kat, who believed in us and let us put together her wedding tablescapes). We did our research; we have also attended many classes & workshops to expand our education in flower land. Really guys, we are ALWAYS looking for new things to learn and do not plan to stop anytime soon.

Since we never really made an official announcement and it has been quite some time, you may have put things together on your own (from our Instagram and Facebook posts). We only offer floral design to our full service (planning + design) clients because for us, it just makes sense to be able to execute our concept all the way through.  It allows us to truly be creative and ensure the aesthetic flows from start to finish. 


Below you will find some of our work from the current wedding season. We really hope that you come visit us again because we have lots more to share!



Heather + Jamie




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