TWO THOUSAND SIXTEEN.  Another new year.

 Another blank slate to write more beautiful stories on.

It also means that it is our sixth year on this Cheeky journey (which is absolutely insane to say).  We started from the bottom and now we’re here.  It wasn’t easy though. We have worked our butts off to get here. A place where we could help others, feed our creative souls and run a successful business all while refusing to be anything other than super present mamas.

When we first got up and running, we contracted A TON of “day of/month of” management jobs and literally poured our hearts and souls into helping our couples.  We gave much, much more than what we signed on and were getting paid for, but we loved all of it. We wholeheartedly knew that we had our hands wrapped around something truly special.

In our first two years alone, the two of us logged 146 weddings (featuring a mix of Cheeky services). Yes, our butts were off as I mentioned earlier.  Double and triple headers, split weddings on the same day; we even went to two on the same day together once- one during the day and one in the evening. We hustled and we made it happen- quite well I might say.

Along with that, came a WEALTH of experiences and knowledge as well as the opportunity to transform our company into a boutique that now plans + designs + floralizes an intentionally limited number of weddings each year.  We have made such great friends because we are lucky enough to be involved every step of the way (the happy times, meltdowns, you name it) leading up to one of the most important days of their lives. We could truthfully write a book on everything that we have encountered and learned. More to come on that thought…

Admittedly, throughout our business journey, we have never been masters of social media.  We, unfortunately, have never kept our audience informed or super up to date about our whereabouts and accomplishments.  We do not update our website with the growing number of beautiful weddings that we have produced and created.  We, quite frankly, have been even more neglectful on that front since having our babes. It is tragic, but we are working on it. We WILL get better.

Either way, I assure you that things are still rocking even though we aren’t posting about it.  Seeing that we both didn’t really get to experience a legitimate “maternity leave” after having our precious babies because of prep work + multiple weddings occurring very shortly after (in 2014 + 2015); it was heaven to have the majority of our weddings concluded by mid-year in 2015.  We had a couple lovelies sprinkled throughout the Fall with quite a unique Winter wonderland finale in December. Simultaneously, we have been pinning down details for our 2016/2017 weddings and discussing what else we want Cheeky to embody; what we feel Cheeky can offer more couples on their wedding journeys.

Our wheels have been spinning and our ideas have come full circle.  The mission behind Cheeky is and always has been to help.  We made it cheeky culture to go above and beyond and we don’t want that to be pushed aside for the sole purpose of implementing pretty details for our photographers to capture.

We are very aware that a wedding planner is a luxury.  It does not fit into everyone’s budget even though a wedding planner’s guidance is invaluable.  As much as we want to be able to give ALL couples the truly special wedding experience that they deserve, budget restrictions are real.  However, we CAN do something to help.

For that reason, we are working on something really cool. Maybe not as cool as a book deal previously mentioned, but we will start here… and we promise that we will keep you updated about it.

With all that being said, I hope you can all welcome us “back” with open arms as we promise to share the fun + beauty behind our personal and professional scenes.

Talk soon!


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