Finally sharing this gorgeous wedding, which was featured nationally in The Knot Magazine Summer 2015! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

Ah- our hearts. We fell in love with Barbara and Trevor as soon as they walked into our office.  Their genuine love for each other really did shine through from the first time we met.  Their wedding vision was something that immediately jived with ours.

B+T contracted us after they booked their venue (which coincidentally is one of our favorites on the island) with about six months left until the big day.  They chose Hempstead House (Sands Point Preserve), a historic gold coast mansion built in 1912, because it fulfilled their desire to have a setting that was timeless; a blank slate where they could showcase who they were through all of the details of the day.


They said “I do” during a completely romantic ceremony overlooking the water amidst a clear blue sky. Their outdoor cocktail hour immediately followed where guests enjoyed a formal yet relaxed atmosphere just as the sun was setting.  After which, guests were directed to find their escort card (which sat on a bed of flowers) and make their way into the mansion by following a beautiful path of white rose petals and candles.

The design concept was SUPER important to Barbara and one of our favorites to date.  It was clear that she was looking for a very romantic French vintage vibe from the beginning and was a wedding planner’s dream come true when it came to all of the details.  Since we literally had to bring every single aspect of the wedding into this venue, we were able to really make this huge mansion feel like their home for the night.  Guests sat at a mix of rectangular tables, some exposed wood with draped lace runners and some covered with a variation of soft grey, blush and cream linens with just a pop of sequin.

An abundance of candlelight flickered on the tables and through all of the rooms of the mansion.  Vintage place settings, hand torn menus draped with silk ribbon and embroidered numbers all made an appearance on the tables as well.  The flowers were a mix of large flowing arrangements and smaller trinket pieces all in the muted palette that complemented the wedding. We brought in vintage furniture to the empty rooms of the mansion so that guests could stroll through and enjoy throughout the night.

Two of our favorites were Barbara’s grandmother’s dresser (that her mother took pictures in front of on her own wedding day) that we used as part of our dessert lounge as well as her dining room table that Barbara and Trevor sat at that night.  Barbara is SUPER close with her grandmother so it made it even more special.  Since one of B + T’s favorite things to do is enjoy the mornings together over coffee (also how Trev popped the question), we incorporated that into their favors and sent guests home with fresh beans from their favorite coffee spot.

On average, we plan with our couples for a year or so, so having only five months to secure vendors and plan all logistics at a ground up venue that was jam packed with intricate details required serious hustle.  We would do it all over in a heartbeat.

All gorgeous photos taken by the lovely KT Merry.


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